It's all about your brand... breaking through the noise in this social marketing revolution.

My goal is to stay loyal to the values, voice and personality behind your business and give it power

Who are you? Who is your audience? Where are they? Where do you want to be? 

I'll take you there... 

Marketing Consulting: Every business and brand has a voice and vision that they want to connect to their audience with. Not everyone has the tools, resources or knowledge on how to make this happen... successfully. With my marketing expertise and knowledge of current social market trends, I will evaluate your business to determine what needs to be done to redefine your brand and revamp your marketing efforts to create a strong social presence and increase your customer base. 

MSC Strategy: This process creates the power house that will accelerate your brand through the social marketing world. Strategy and planning includes market research, market segmentation, competitive analysis and content calendar development. 

Social Media Marketing: Content creation and strategy | Integration and engagement throughout social media channels | Analysis and metrics to measure success. In layman's terms: through research and strategy, I create content, schedule posts in creative sequence, interact with your audience, and apply tools to measure how successful my efforts and what changes need to be made. 

These are just the major components of many micro segments and tactics that MSC performs. Tiered package options are available based on level of engagement and desired number of posts per week/month. [Social Media channels include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Reddit and more].

Campaigns:  Including but not limited to: strategic planning, defining goals and objectives, defining metrics and distribution channels, integration and launch logistics. and content generation. 

MSC Custom: My custom package will allow us to build a social media marketing structure that will be most valuable to you while maximizing your budget. It's all about getting creative. 

MSC Write: My content writing and blogging services provide your brand or business with unique and creative material that will ignite engagement and spark the interest of your readers. Hourly and monthly packages available based on your needs.