Hello, my name is Meghan Smith.

Creativity. I’ve possessed this trait since I was very, very young [so I’m told]. After graduating from the University of New Hampshire in 2007 with a degree in Economics and Marketing, I was driven to accomplish big things. These ‘big things’ became dreamy goals that were floating by my fingertips, but I couldn’t quite reach them as I traveled around North America (and Switzerland) to support my husbands’ career. This didn’t stop my drive, entirely.

Over the years of travel, I managed to develop an extensive list of experience, most specifically in the Marketing field, through a [large] variety of projects and employers. Now, after putting down roots with a home base and having

Meghan is responsible for social media strategy and content creation for our clients. She is a multifaceted individual with a diverse background in marketing, social media and content writing and over 5 years of experience in the industry.

Originally from Southern New Hampshire, Meghan graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a focus in Marketing, and continued to pursue this career throughout her travel around North America (and Switzerland) establishing a diversified clientele and getting involved with many unique projects. Her creative mindset and hunger for challenge has opened doors for exciting opportunities over the years, inevitably bringing her to the Altos team. Meghan has an obsession with organization… and functions with approximately 6 different agenda books / content calendars [fact].

Outside of the office Meghan enjoys running, yoga, sports, crafts and spending priceless time with her husband and two magnificent daughters.